Drexel House Apartments

Closed (2/1/2018)

VAWA Notice to Applicants

HUD Form 5382

Dyson Circle- Closed (12/28/2017)

Schall Circle - Closed (12/28/2017)

Seminole Estates - Closed (02/15/2016)




CLOSED  (10/2011)



If waiting list is open, click on property name to complete the online application 

Covenant Villas - Closed (3/16/2018)

Quiet Waters - Closed (7/25/2018)

New South Bay Villas - OPEN

Westgate - Closed (4/18/2016)


Already Applied to a Waiting List?  

In accordance to PBCHA policy, if you have an active application on a PBCHA wait list, it is your responsibility to report all changes from your application to the PHA, in writing, within ten (10) days of the date the change occurred.Failure to do so could result in the withdrawal or denial of your application and removal from the wait list(s). To update your information, please use the Waiting List Update Form.

Warning! No payment or fee should be given to anyone to prepare, fill out or process an application.